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Source Book Store

We’ve been busy but wanted to drop some notes from our investigation at Source Book Store last week.

We spent the majority of the time in the basement, where most of the activity seems to be. Our sensitive, Dez, felt a curious energy the first time we made our way down the stairs. She also felt someone watching her at one point of the investigation.

​We did catch a couple possible orbs, one that our video camera picked up and another in a photo. We also received some intelligent responses on our spirit box app.

The most substantial evidence we had was physical. While nearing the end of our investigation, one of the workers of the book store approached us and let us know he got extremely fatigued during the investigation and had to sit down, something that’s never happened to him since he started. Thinking this was crazy enough, once leaving the store, I myself got extreme fatigue where was too much to even hold my phone up.

We definitely believe there is residual energy throughout the store.

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